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School Service Team

Our School Service Team help our educator's build better programs while enhancing their own knowledge and experience. Our School Service Representatives are not just salespeople, they are also a valued resource for the educator in the classroom while also being a genuine friend to them and their students. With years of classroom experience leading highly-successful band programs of their own, our school service reps are eager to share their knowledge and wisdom with educators so that they can benefit from their experience.

When it's time for our educators to purchase instruments or accessories, our team of school service reps and internal personnel are ready with the latest information on great products at all price points. Recognizing that school purchasing budgets vary, we source a wide price range of products - from the best of the best to high-value alternatives - all affordably available to purchase or lease.

If you are interested in learning more about our School Service program, please contact Donovan Bankhead, President & Owner of Ernie Williamson Music, and he will reply with more information.